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We are your high-performance sales and marketing team

We guide you to optimize your company’s growth, reducing costs and increasing revenues.

We create your growth engine


We identify your ideal customer for your sector of activity, analyzing their problems and needs.


We check if your value proposition meets the needs of your customers.


We identify the most profitable channels for your business, both organic and paid channels.


We validate that your business model fits the needs of your customers and the perceived value of your company.

Market, product, channel, model

How we work

1. Analysis of the company's values and objectives

1. Analysis of the company's values and objectives

2. Quantitative and qualitative business research

3. Competitive environment research. Mystery shopping

4. Strategic marketing, sales and execution plan

How are we going to work together?

We work with agile methodologies with monthly sprints and weekly reviews of planned tasks. Our goal is to find the most impactful growth levers, considering the available resources.


Business and competence analysis and research.


Strategic plan, action plan and implementation of the business growth engine.


Identification of growth levers, monthly objectives and data analysis. Weekly monitoring of results.

Meet our team

Jaime Navarro


10 years of experience in sales and marketing in the restaurant, health, mobility and education sectors.

Marcos Fargas


20 years of experience in digital business marketing. Catering, distribution, mobility and education sectors.

Victor Seco

Social Media Director

13 years of experience in Sales and Marketing in the tourism, sports, technology and food sectors.

Our values

People first

The talent of the people who work at 4Ventures is our key to success. We work as a team, 1+1=3.


We want to be #1 in marketing and sales services so that our clients achieve all their goals.


We put ourselves in our customer´s shoes to offer them the best service.

Courage and curiosity

Continuous learning, we try new ways to achieve our objectives and we are not afraid to recognize other points of view better than ours.

Ready to grow your business?

The companies that achieve the best results with us have these characteristics:

  • They have validated their business model, have customers and ambitious growth targets..
  • They are open-minded and willing to improve the way they do marketing and sales..
  • They are looking for a long-term strategic marketing and sales partner.

If you want to work with us, schedule a call and we will explain how we are going to grow your business.

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